Hello there!

Martin here – I thought it might be good for you to know a little about the towing background of who you are considering for your weighing requirements.

I have always been concerned about weights as related to towing safety as I started travelling with a very young family in the mid seventies. We towed a 25ft van with a Bedford truck across SA and WA. I’d already had ten years of towing boats and small trailers so I was pretty good at reversing!

Then we enjoyed a 25ft Jayco and the Ranger, (pictured) then upgraded to the rig we now have, as pictured.

Our current rig is the Hino with a 35ft fifth wheeler. The combined weight of this is nearly 16T and is just under 19m in length. The truck houses a 4wd, a 3.75m boat that’s raised and strapped to the roof –  and storage shelves.

So, for many years, I have been very aware of all the weighing regulations and safety requirements.

Now, I really know what it means to say –

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